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wf2tm51 05-05-2006 11:44 PM

Squeaky brakes and something else, Need Help It's annoying!!
The squeaky brakes are more prominent on the left side what could be the cause? So far this is what i have tried and seemed to work for like a week. I lubed the back of the pads and greased the steering knuckles on both sides. Should i take some sand paper to the rotor maybe everytime i take the pads off and put them back on, there not seating properly causing some not so smooth friction. Any opinions, input, thoughts would be hepful i'm willing to try anthing, its so annoying help!!!!!!!

Also i have a squealing sound most prominent on the left side when driving at slow speeds and coasting at slow speeds,( try to make sense of this description) it sounds like the high squeal of squeaky brakes but in a circular motion making different tones and pitches during and after each rotation of the wheel, maybe i need to torque the wheel on tighter, any help hear would also be helpful, thanks

willwren 05-06-2006 12:50 AM

How thick is your pad material? Are the squeakers rubbing on the rotor like they're supposed to?

Have you had your rotors turned and replaced the pads?

willwren 05-06-2006 12:51 AM

Follow up:

I hope you used the proper lube. Don't use grease on the back of the pads. It'll heat up and flow down onto the rotors, making your brakes fail.

McGrath 05-06-2006 01:38 AM

That squeal at low/slow speeds sounds like a warped rotor rubbing the pad. Do you feel any vibration in the brake pedal as you break from a higher speed ( ie 35/45/55/65mph?)


wf2tm51 05-06-2006 10:13 AM

just had my pads replaced with a brand new rotor in early fall i have a lot of pad left. I heard that shops usually put on a hard pad suface which increase's brake performace but also cause's an annoying squeal.

wf2tm51 05-06-2006 10:16 AM

once in a while my brake pedal will shudder at slow speeds usually happens when i'm pulling out of parking lots or leaving my house when i apply the brake for the first time after the car has been sitting for a while like a couple of hours it happens like once every two weeks

willwren 05-06-2006 10:59 AM

That's pure coincidence. You're braking just as the ABS does it's self-test. Normal.

Based on what you've done, I'd remove the pads, clean the caliper faces very well, re-goop them with brake pad lube, and scuff the pads very well with 100 grit paper on a flat surface. If the squeal goes away at least temporarily, try another brake pad type/brand.

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