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94_SSEi_Custom 11-03-2002 01:24 AM

Painting over headlights
Here's a question for anyone who's tried to paint the headlights to match ur vehicle... does anyone specifically make pre-cut circular adhesive sections that you can put on the lights to keep sections from getting painted? Otherwise I guess im gonna have to try to find adhesive big enough for me to make my own circles :? thanx for the help
~ James

gnes 11-03-2002 02:59 AM

As far as it is necessary? At Bonneville and so bad head light. Toning of headlights will make it even worse, it will affect safety. I would put color lamps in transparent optics if very much it would be desirable. At me blue antifog headlights. Looks cool, as UFO at night.

willwren 11-03-2002 12:25 PM

Bonneville lights won't work that way. The new ricer or euopean lights have smaller round reflector assemblies. You can paint the other areas without affecting the light. Our lights use the whole chamber face to project the light. Your reflector is the same size as the frontal surface area of the headlight.

The majority of the projected light actually comes from the outer fringes of the reflector assembly, and the least from the center where the lamp is. If you mask these off, you'll kill a higher percentage of light than the area you mask off. You will
ALSO probably get a ticket, your lights will look like shit after the winter from abuse, and the new headlights will kill your pocketbook.

Go with headlight covers. BonnieAlien, Terminator, Allmachtige are all running them. They look really good.

94_SSEi_Custom 11-03-2002 01:32 PM

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, well thanx for the advise... not what i wanted to hear but hey, it keeps me from doin something stupid

94_SSEi_Custom 11-03-2002 01:37 PM

actually, come to think of it... what if instead of painting around the circles I just performed a tint there... now that would dim the light, but would it be so bad as it would effect my visability at night?

willwren 11-03-2002 01:43 PM

That's not too bad of an idea, as long as you don't go darker than the aftermarket headlight tints. If you're interested in that, go to my website for the writeup on my tinted taillights. Click on bonnevilles, and then the link for the tinting. The text version is also posted up in Techinfo. I've done this to 2 bonnevilles now.

94_SSEi_Custom 11-03-2002 02:19 PM

will do, thanx

Roadrash187 11-03-2002 06:45 PM

I think GTS has a kit with what you are looking for. If Im not mistakin it cost arounmd 40 dollars or so.

94_SSEi_Custom 11-03-2002 07:51 PM

do you have a link, or a site by any chance where i can find that kit? Thanx

willwren 11-03-2002 09:59 PM

I think RoadRash is referring to the blackout smoke covers. You can find them at autozone....or here:

The 1992-1995 bonneville headlights are identical. They changed in 1996.

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