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John 12-22-2002 01:07 AM

Electrical Problem
I have a 95 SE Bonnie.

I have a problem of loosing my running lights. Read on............

Let me try to explain.....I lost my dash lights and the tail lights one time.
My brake lights were not effected. I did have break lights. However,
I checked my main (pull on - push off) head light switch and noticed it was burnt around next to the reostat area. Mm........ :?

I repalced the head light switch and everything was operating just fine.
I had both my tail running lights (for night driving again) and my dash lights as well. About a couple of months down the road the same thing happened to my car again. I went out and bought another head light switch but haven't re-instaled it yet.

Before I do - Can anyone give me an idea if there may be a problem going on here? :idea: I wouldn't want to burn up another reastat out of my light swaitch. Maybe this was just coincidental - I hope.



fuddyduddy121 12-22-2002 12:56 PM

Do you have any modifications that draw power from that switch, like different wattage headlamp bulbs, tail lamp bulbs, or aftermarket radio?

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