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OLBlueEyesBonne 05-21-2003 07:18 PM

Clear corner lights conversion problems.
Hi all,
I know a few of you have done this, including myself (just one lamp though for my brother's SSE a few months ago).
Anyhow, today I decided since I didn't have anything to do between the time I got home from work and volleyball league games tonight I decided I would clear my corner's.
Well I pulled the headlights off, and then the corner lamps.
But when I went to pry the lense from the backing (started with the old driver's side lamp instead of my new passenger side lamp luckily) all it would do was chip the front lense edging or totally crack way into it (it needed to be replaced anyhow).
I even tried using a hair dryer to heat it, but that only made the clear lense crack easier.
Anyone want to chip in here and let me know if I should be trying something else?
I was using a medium sized flat screw driver and a razor blade (which didn't want to cut very well).
For right now I have to throw them back on as volleyball starts in 45 min and it's 25 miles away.
I am going to buy a new one tomorrow, but before I ruin either of the new lamps con someone fill me in on how to get it the lense of without damaging it?
Thanks in advance,

russianpolarbear 05-21-2003 11:02 PM

I did this on my bros bonnie about a week or so ago. I used an exacto knife and a blow dryer. You have to be very careful. Make sure your cutting it apart before you go in with the Screw Driver. I used a very small screw driver like the ones used on small electronics to pry it apart. This task was tedious but well worth it in the end. Good luck friend. :D

SSEi95 05-22-2003 08:25 AM

I udes a dremel tool to cut the seam holding the halofs together. That worked great. And once apart, I used a pliers to "chew up" the orange lense and pull it out. I didn't have any real problems at all when I did it that way.

Nytro67 05-22-2003 09:36 AM

i also used a dremel and cut about 1/8 above the glue line all the way around unitil it was totally in half. Then the yellow reflector jsut falls right out basically. put the 2 halfs back together and clear silcone the shiite out of it. Worked great!

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