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REDSTU1 08-31-2005 05:26 PM

Ok I have a 1989 bonnie. ON the engine, next to where you put the oil in but not on the big oil resevour. There is a whole. It looks like there should be something stopping it up like a plug or something. Because it is open oil is going all over my engine. Any ideas on what goes there? Also where is the map sensor sapose to go? Sorry new to all this. Thanks

captainmiller 08-31-2005 06:35 PM

Are you talking about the oil cap on the valve cover? If it is missing, go to an auto parts store and get a new one.

This car does not have a MAP sensor. Are you sure you didn't mean MAF? If its the MAF sensor, its a black rectangle on your throttle body, hard to miss. If your getting a code (sixty something) that your haynes manual says is MAP, it's actually an EGR problem if I remember correctly. Someone else will be more clear on the details...

REDSTU1 08-31-2005 07:21 PM

Thank you for your reply. nope it is not the oil cap, It is over to the right and down a little, about the size of a quarter.

rjolly87 08-31-2005 07:57 PM

only hole i can think of is for the pcv valve, but that is on the back valve cover. i recall no holes on the front valve cover, save for that which you put the oil cap on. i think a picture is truly necessary, as this can be a potential serious issue.

captainmiller 08-31-2005 07:59 PM

Open that up in paint and show us where the oil is coming from. If you need someone to host a picture send it to me through email.

captainmiller 09-01-2005 05:38 PM

I talked with REDSTU and she pointed out that the hole was in this vicinity.

Upon closer inspection this is the only hole I can see. I have no idea what it is for, but the fact it is spewing oil isn't good. So what is going on?

REDSTU1 09-01-2005 06:01 PM

Hey captinmiller
Thanks for the help, by the way I am a girl. You got the right area!

captainmiller 09-01-2005 06:09 PM

Re: Hey captinmiller

Originally Posted by REDSTU1
Thanks for the help, by the way I am a girl. You got the right area!

Ooops, my bad...all fixed now. :oops:

repinS 09-01-2005 06:36 PM

What hole? A grab point for removing the engine with a hoist? I don't follow :(

MartyC 09-01-2005 06:49 PM

There is a freeze plug on the drivers side of the front head. Or should be.

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