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Default rc9 motor swapping help

hey got a question about the rc9 option on the 99 buicks.
the option is no egr. its called rc9. well just got a 99 with a 98 i think, could be 99 cuase htey swapped halfway through the year, same mods though are done, year engine in it. engine was blown, car 150k. engine, 100k. compression is good on all cylinders.
ok so what all is totally needed to swap these motors out and get no computer codes?
ive heard of differences. they are, intake manifold, no egr hose hooked up in back of it
exhaust manifold, no exhaust for the port for the egr
o2 sensor. different from 98 different from 2000.
fuel injectors and fuel rail. low impedence, high impedence, 99.
ok yea think thats all of it. oh and the knock sensor. one screw into block other screws into screw in place on back of block, 98. havent gotten under it to look.

ok so so far, the fuel rail, the exhaust manifold was swapped over. the knock sensor, i havent looked, but its loose under the car. probably just turned the bolt in however they could. anyway. computer gives code for it.
im not sre if the throttle body has naything on it needs to be switched, i dont know if the egr has a vacuum hose that goes to it. this car, still has the egr and it going to the manifold. all the hoses on, the throtle body are hooked up and go somewhere. i think they switched over the throttle body. it has the same hose connections in the same place as a 99 i looked at a picture of.

ok, so the deal is, number 4 cylinders missing, especially when cold. knock sensor isnt hooked up, computers giving o2 sensor code. thats the deal. everythings hooked up about as it should. i wouldnt think the egr would make it miss like this.

plus, how do i finish the swap on motor? how does the knock sensor hook onto the car? after looking at pictures of the 2 different year models, knock sensors, one looks like a bolt goes through it, and it screws in. the other, looks like it has part of the bolt, part of it, and it screws in.

egr block plate. they sell those. from gm. 1999 2.4L EGR Block-off Plate: 24575505
1999 2.4L EGR Block-off Plate Gasket: 24573947
1999 2.4L EGR Block-off Plate Bolts: 11517518

ive seen it looks like people with egr holes in the front of their motor. are they blocked off? supposed to be?

once the egr comes off the hose to the manifold will need to be unscrewed too. block it off? buy a new one? the intake manifold.

this is all right?

should i be missing now? or any suggestions? i seafoamed the car and the miss didnt get any less. the spark plug is black and was covered with fuel. i guess, i could check spark. then? thats my idea. changed teh spark plugs, still misses. swapped boots, still misses. guess set them out and start car and watch sparks?

what about fuel injector o-rings? push down on fuel rail and listen? or can i spray starter fluid around them and see if it increases rpms or anything?

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99 grand am, egr block, rc9

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