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Performance, Brainstorming & Tuning Talk about modifications, or anything else associated with performance enhancements. Have a new idea for performance/reliability? Post it here. No idea is stupid! (please use Detailing and Appearance for cosmetic ideas)

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Put the bottle down.
Jeez.. I suck at hiding my drinking. HAha. In all seriousness I want a cheap way to measure my quarter mile. My traction on street is light years better than on a track.
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Ryan'* x g/f got him one and he is always playing around with it. I used it to work on my 60' times in the SSEi - which really helped me get a feel for the car. It has been really accurate for me other then the every once and awile fluke and the MPH being a off a little compared to times. I had a problem with the 60 foot times until I put it on the full tree - it didn't seem to like when you would spin the tires let off a little and then get into it again.
1992 Bonneville SSEi: 13'* on the way!!

New PB: Good enough for people to call BS on it! Still with stock pulley!
15.009 @ 88.96 MPH - 2.18 60'(bone stock other then 4" intake)
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Yea they are expensive and occasionally they may be off a little bit, but it allows you to make many runs so you can get some consistent numbers, besides its a great thing to have a friend with a G-Tech, saves ya some money. Of course it doesnt give you the same rush the track does, nothing can replace that! :P
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I have a g-tech pro comp, and I believe its fairly consistant with itself. I don't think you can trust it down to the last hundreth, but its consistant within a tenth or so of itself. Is it accurate, who knows. I know that based on what I've found, mine reads about 4 tenths slower than what the car actually does at the track. It said my STE did 15.33'* on the street, while at the track it did 14.96 with the same setup. (this was back when it was stock) I just use mine to figure out if something I did to the car helped it or not, howeverI know that if I run a 1/4 mile time I can expect the car to do the same time at the track. The key is the configuration, if you don't do that properly it'll never read right. While playing around with my STE last year, I figured out how to drop my 0-60 from 5.8 to 5.3 by just learning how to drive it a little better, so thats one thing it can help with, so you can figure out the best way to drive the car.

1990 Maroon Grand Prix STE McLaren 3.1 Intercooled Turbo, 14.695 @ 94.49 on 12psi before cam/heads/etc.
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1999 Grand Prix GT 9.75:1|K&N|160 tstat|No Ubend/Cat/Res|UD Pulleys|Ported M90/TB/Heads|XPZ|2.55"|Pacesetters|Stage 2 I/C. 12.442 @ 112.78
2000 Blue Bonneville SSEi Supercharged Gutted Airbox|K&N|3.4"|1.9'*|WP Pulley|Custom DHP|180*stat|41932'*|No Cat. 14.681 @ 94.80
2002 Dark Cherry Grand Prix GTP Supercharged & Intercooled
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NOW XP CAMMED, 340.6whp with XP, stock heads, Gen 3 M90, 11.984 @ 115.84 w/1.750 60'!
Most HP Stock Heads Gen 3 M90 GTP!
2004 Red Monte SS Supercharged K&N|3.4 Pulley|1.9'*|180*stat|41919 plugs|3" dp|No cat/ubend|DHP|Shift Kit. 14.2 @ 98
GOT BOOST??? Friends dont let friends drive stock!
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