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Performance, Brainstorming & Tuning Talk about modifications, or anything else associated with performance enhancements. Have a new idea for performance/reliability? Post it here. No idea is stupid! (please use Detailing and Appearance for cosmetic ideas)

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Both can perform well. An insulated CAI can provide air just as cold, if not colder than a FWI, but not insulated the FWI is gonna do better every time. The only advantage I can see with having the CAI over the fenderwell is it isn't as restrictive. The FWI is going to have bends in it and its quite long, the CAI doesn't have to have any bends and it and can be very short. Also, the FWI gets dirtier a lot quicker because it is pretty close to the ground and it collects a lot of road debris compared to the CAI.

Zooomer used to have a FWI on his GTP and swore by it for a long time. He ran extremely well with it, and I'm sure he will tell you its a great setup. However, now he runs the Wizair box and swares by that. It flows better, and he has basically ambient temps. Did it make a huge difference? Of course not, but it might have helped some. Both are good choices.

Honestly, my personal preference is the CAI, IMO its the cleanest setup. But if you're trying to save a few dollars the FWI is a very good option.

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Default reply

Hey gang,

Thanks for the reply, so in a manner of speaking it jus boils down to what I want, right?? The CAI from thrasher would look better but the FWI setup would look more racerish. The money issue is not a great concern but hey every dollar saved on that can go back into the bonny some other way. I'll check out silverbullet'* and rogue'* car and make my decision that way. At any rate Thanks for the help everybody.

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There are a couple people here with 00+ Bonnies that use the Thrasher intake. I use it on my GP, but it is designed for my car. I think you have to do a few custom things to get it to set up properly in your car.

I like the intake a lot. It works well, and looks good, and it makes the car sound great.

Although the TEP CAI is quite a few bucks more than a FWI.
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I wouldn't run the GP one on the Bonnie, they require modification, and still don't work 100% good. I would recommend making up your own, it'll be cheaper, made to fit, and probably work better.
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