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Default Would you return them?

Newegg Accidentally Offers "Buy 1, Get 4 Free" ASUS Eee PC Promotion

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HELL no I would have kept them all .
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Christmas presents lol
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I'd give them all to my old relatives with no computers...
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Yup, i would keep them, Just like if a Food place gives me more then what i ordered im keeping it.
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two words... Lan Party...
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Now here'* an oxymoron for ya - dude doesn't want to get caught lying, yet he'd keep what'* not his...

Originally Posted by comment from the article
...I won't lie, i would have kept them. After all possession is 9/10'* of the law Newegg is a big enough company, I don't think a few extra eee'* are going to effect their quarterly profits.
This is a great exercise in morality. What is right, and what is wrong? Do we know? Is this stealing? Does it make it right because NewEgg is big and is highly successful? NewEgg will not take the loss, it will just be passed on to the rest of us in slightly higher prices so, in effect, those of us who order from NewEgg in the future will be paying for those unreturned items. Is that right?

Let'* look at a smaller scale. Suppose the checkout girl at the local market makes a $20 error in your favor, and you're aware of it. Do you give it back, or do you assume that, because SHE made the error you keep the profit and walk out? Does it matter that she'll have to pay her employer the difference when her cash & reciepts don't reconcile? $20 is a large hit when you're making minimum wage. What if this was your daughter or your girlfriend or your little sister?

And, thinking deeper, would this foster an inverse "PIF" attitude in this person? Would she be looking for a way to get that money back by screwing someone else? How many people will this wind up hurting in the end? With a little imagination you can see a "butterfly effect" happening, and not a good one either.

And possession is NOT 9/10 of the law. I don't know who coined that phrase, but if it'* universally applicable, then if you accidentally left the keys in your Bonneville and some hoser drove off with it...it'* his, RIGHT?

I'm not trying to judge anyone by any means - I'm certainly not without my own faults & issues. I'm just asking you to ponder what is right. WIthout justifications like "It was THEIR mistake" or "They're making $bazillions, it won't hurt 'em"...just pure & simple...ask yourself is this right or is it wrong?

Sonoma asks a very deep question that shouldn't be taken lightly. What kind of world would this be if, TO A PERSON, the answer to this question was an unequivocal "Yes, I would absolutely return them."? Think about that. A world where you didn't have to worry about someone ripping your credit card number and racking a sizeable bill on your account, a world where you could leave your car unlocked and still have your $5000 sound system in it when you got back. A world where some a-holewon't stick a damn Twinkie on the windshield of your nice, clean, black SSEi while it'* parked outside the welfare office. Jerk. It'* kinda funny, but it still pissed me off - I guess I should be grateful the perp didn't run his keys down the side of my car.

I will now step off my holier-than-thou soapbox and return you to our less than perfect world!
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I would return them......

Had a situation where the clerk at Target did not charge us for two folding tables.

As I walking out I notice that she had only scanned one table. Turned around and went to the service desk and told the clerk there what had happened......she looked at me as tho I had just been dropped off by aliens.......I told her that I just had to do the right thing! She still looked at me as tho I was insane!

I paid for the other table and left, knowing that I had done the right thing.

Call it karma, fate, living right.....I don't know.....all I know is that I could not live with myself if I took something for nothing.....especially if it meant that later the first clerk would be in trouble for the error!
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i would return them. its not even a question, and not even an "if" for me. its morally reprehensible to keep them, not only because "you get what you pay for", but who are you really screwing? youre screwing your neighbors and your friends by keeping them. and yourself, ultimately.

its getting really hard to do the "right" thing any more. not because of selfish natures, but because its getting so rare to find someone who does the right thing. like was mentioned on the folding tables, people think youre crazy when you point out something thats against your best interest to point out. ive pointed out a couple of errors like this in the past and sadly im approaching the conclusion that its a lot more hassle than its worth to point out the small things. like, if i dont get charged for a package of pepperoni or water at walmart, i have to stand in line and deal with the looks like im an alien for coming back and paying. but a $1600 difference (or whatever)? theres no question. i found a wallet the other day, it had $835 in it. it still had $835 in it when i turned it in. did it have $835 in it when he came to pick it up? i dont know, but what i do know is that i can sleep a little better for doing what i think is right.
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I found, after a little research, the proper thing to do in this situation, is to inform the company of the mistake. After 30 days of notice, if they do not contact you to reclaim the mis-shipped goods, they are yours. They cannot try to charge or reclaim the item after that.

That'* why I have two 37" LCD TVs at home instead of one.

Seeing as NewEgg figured it out and contacted the recipients, they should return them. They don't have to offer the $50, but it'* nice of them.
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