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Paul I will have to disagree with you on some points. The majority of teachers at the one school I have the most contact with are wonderful and very well educated. And not one of them drives a fancy know who drives the fanciest car.....the secretary!! The teachers are not out because of the "janitors"....(support staff), they are out to get more money, and to lower class sizes.

But we are getting away from the main issue here, the children and parents of this province are being held hostage by the teachers and government. It is not fair nor is it right!! Oh BTW Paul, did you watch the news?? In March of 2006 there are at least 6 unions who will be going for new contracts.....mine included...It should make for a really interesting time
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Originally Posted by 2000SilverBullet
Sorry but I have absolutely no sympathy for teachers.
Anyone who has to strike, is not a professional in my books. They need to suck it up. The economy is tough right now. People in industries across the country are suffering and feel underpaid and overworked.
Teachers care more about themselves and are turning their passion from their job of teaching our future generation to a passion of greed and selfishness.
All for one and one for all..bullcrap!

On the other hand my Grade 12 daughter is overwhelmed with joy.

.....that should stir up some emotion... :P
I must say that I do not know how the teachers are paid up in BC or treated for that matter, but I understand and I am on there side 100%.

My mother is a teacher and has a masters degree at that. I think teachers are the most overworked and uinderpaid preffesions out there. If It wasn't for them we would not be the educated people we are today. We owe SO MUCH to them. MY mother cares SO MUCH for the students she teaches she goes out of her way to make sure they are accomidated in any way shape or form. Even teaching for 10 years at an elementry school with a masters degree she still hasn't paid off her schooling due to making under 40 grand a year. This is also due to her buying hundereds, if not thousands of dollars out of her own pocket to make sure her students have necessary supplies to succed in school and life. I'm sorry, but if teachers need to go on strike to get some respect from the goverment, let them.

Originally Posted by repinS
I can't say I agree with what you're saying at all - this coming from the viewpoint of a student who graduated HS just last year. I'm offended, even.

My physics/calculus teacher was an electrical engineer for 25 years. This being her third year of teaching - she'* one damned amazing teacher. I can find many more examples like her. Of course, there are the "not so good" teachers, but I still find myself able to appreciate and work with the "worst" labeled teachers. I guess it'* the optimist in me.

It may be a "8-4" job, but I'll be damned if any teacher doesn't spend more time than that for prep work. It'* not uncommon for me to know about teachers staying up till late at night and rise early in the morning just to get marking (or other school-related things) done.

By no means are teachers impoverished - of course not. But I see what they drive. The above physics/calc teacher drives a Ford Escort. There are Corollas, Camrys, Cavaliers, Intrigues, Aleros, Grand Ams, Achievas, and the like. The most loaded teacher drives an Infiniti G35 coupe, but that'* because she'* and older woman who doesn't live with her children, so that extra freed up income goes somewhere...

Maybe it'* because I was privileged enough to go to a good school (yes... it was a public school) in what is by no means a rich area.

I'm standing by PMom on this one. By no means do I intend to flame, however... just my two cents.
I agree and well said
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I am by no means saying that most teachers are not very well educated and wonderful teachers.
I'm just saying that they are paid well for what they contribute....and the time they put in.

Most "real" professionals are not unionized. They don't have to be. They work hard for their status and advancement opportunities. Most "real" professionals hold 24/7 jobs and work the hours that it takes to get the job done, even if that means working all day and all thru the night.
Have you ever seen a teacher with a pager that has to go to work at any hour of the day or night?
If they are not treated right or not paid enough, they justify their raises or have variable pay packages that are performance based...or they leave that job and find another one. They are afterall highly educated and skilled enough that they are portable to other industries that need them.

....and if you're tired of doing that after 25 get a teaching job.
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Okay this is heading in a direction I do not like. And yes as a moderator and as the person who started this thread, I have the right to have the last word. Paul, you are wrong, teaching is one of the hardest jobs, and they are the least paid. They put up with a lot, parents who expect their children to go to Harvard, kids who are disrespectful, and a government who treats them like ***T.

I started this thread, not to bash the teachers, just to vent my frustration on who is caught in the middle of this thing. They are not well paid for what the contribute, in fact they are paid less than minimum wage in some cases, extra curricular activities, report card writing time, open houses, parent/teacher interviews, shall I continue? They are forced to work in environments that have shrinking budgets, and outdated learning materials. Who do you think buys your children'* text books?? The government?? NOPE it is the PAC, yes the PAC has to give extra funds to help pay for books. Who buys the playground equipment?? The PAC again. And all those stickers that your children used to get?? The teachers and PAC buys those.

Teachers are forced time and again to sacrifice their time and money to provide things for their classrooms. Please keep in mind if were not for teachers where would your children go during the day?? How would they learn?? Many teachers go above and beyond what they are asked to do. My child who requires extra help in school can not get it, because he is not a minority, nor is there funding for it, so who is his aid in school....ME!!!! I have to go into the school and help him, because the government will not give the funds that are necessary for a teacher to come in and help my child. If your child needed help in school would you go in and help him/her?? I don't think so, you leave that up to the teachers of whom you hold in such low regard! You expect miracles from them, yet you won't support them.

Okay I am done now.....and it is locked
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