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Originally Posted by Jim W
/\ hahah! Saw that one coming
have i gotten that predictable?
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Originally Posted by Princess Jeanie
Originally Posted by JimmyFloyd

So... PJ... :pimp:

haha, no way I'm playing rebound. :P
He didn't say rebound...he was probably just talking quick fling
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Originally Posted by Princess Jeanie
Originally Posted by Jim W
/\ hahah! Saw that one coming
have i gotten that predictable?
I dont know about that PJ ....but it does get the Venom Chuckle Award of the day. Run Geoff....

Seriously, I am no expert on lasting relationships. but people who choose running when confronted with facing problems have a trait that stays with them their whole life. It is not a one time deal. Move on .... Lifes to short. You seem a well grounded young man and life goes quicker than you can see yet. In the first 20 years so much is learned you dont feel the time go by. But the second 20 burns up quick. And the third twenty.... wtf... I'm half threw it and just waking up to see it not the 70'* anymore. Just remember You didnt bring this on, but Your going to make sure it doesnt happen again and again.

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Geoff, like many others here I've had first hand experience with a traumatic breakup, in my case a marriage involving 3 kids. All I can say is it hurts for a while then as time heals your life will become blessed with someone again that will make the process and the wait all that more worthwhile. Think positive, keep yourself focused and busy, do the things you love to do, live life to it'* fullest every day and oh ya, make sure you make it to all the national BC meets this summer!!!!
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Default I am to my defense. Seeing our bussiness was posted on everyother site I figured it would be here too. Which IMO is completely uncalled for and not to be a bitch looks like a complete pity trip.

First off- Geoff I told you I couldnt promise anything to you me being in Ohio and you being here. Im going out there to concetrate on school and work. Geoff I LOVE you and always will there is nothing that is going to change that, we just have things we both need to work on and they werent working with us together. You and I are VERY different people and you know that as well as I do. No offense but Im not ready to be told what to do , and have to ask permission for everything- I've told you this a million time but you just don't understand. I wanted to be your friend and still do, hopefully a time will come when you are ready to do that. You are a GREAT person with good heart, and you deserve the most amazing girl, but Im just not that girl. I guess I'm just too random, and " I do what I want" for you., I dont think before I live, I just Live. ( yet i did think over the move to Ohio Xs 2342903840293840293849023) I need someone to live with me and living is something you only do once so Im going to do it to the fullest and I am sorry I had to hurt you in order to do it. I am always here for you.

Second- THankyou all for being there to support him.

Last- I dont like my bussiness being posted all over the internet but I found it nessascary to post this.
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I'm gonna go ahead and retire this one...
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Allison, just wanted to say breaking up is tough on both people.
I want to wish you luck in Ohio

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Geoff is allowed to share his feelings, as for broadcasting your business? Geoff has every right to this thread..personally you should have stayed out of it.

Your final statement undermines the purpose of this thread. Which was to allow him to vent and gain necessary emotional support.

Geoff, if you wish to have the last word, I will unlock. Until then, I agree with DJ, no need to continue.
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First off, thank you BC for supporting me through this ordeal. You have always been there and you are my second family. i appretiate everyone'* comments. As for what allison posted, i would like to make some remarks about her comments.

I would like to say that I support allison in her move. It is a big step, and not an easy one. She doesn't know what she wants out of life at the moment, and doesn't want to miss a single chance. She says she is moving for financial reasons and school, which I support fully and hope she succeeds in. She has a lot of potential, just doesn't have the direction yet to focus that potential.

She is moving out there also for anothe guy, which does hurt. A lot. But I have come to realize that at this point in her life, he might be able to offer her what she is looking for. I am at the point in my life where I am looking for a place to call home first before I begin to extend myself too far, and also I need to start working on paying off the debt that I incurred while at school. I do not support her possible relationship with him, due in part because of the situation surrounding it, and in part because I would have liked to see her separate the two reasons to see if she actually liked it there and was happy, before entering into a relationship.

As for the controlling part she references, we butted heads a lot over issues with this. I am the type of person who thinks things through, and plays devil'* advocate for my friends to help make sure they understand some of the ramifications. This was taken as telling her what to do. While I did not always agree with the things she did, I would get used to them and warm up to them after a while. I also asked her if she could just tell me things in advance, rather than springing things on me right before, or right after it happened. In the relationship I did not feel that I was listened to at all, and that she did as she pleased and made her own plans.

I have not confirmed it, but I felt like she was building the downfall of the relationship from the moment she cheated on me (the feeling and the action were around the same time), and was in discussion with the other guy about moving well before she broke up with me. I had a feeling the last month or so in the relationship that she was not in it 100%. But even through all that, i don't think badly of her like would be thought. I have lost a lot of respect for her, and so has a lot of her friends, but considering the situation, she could have lost a lot more.

I myself and dealing with it alright, but i cannot bring myself to see or talk to her. It is just too painful. I don't know when I'll be able to either, if I will at all. She knows that is the situation, and she knows that was her choice. I was told and warned about her being this way from the beginning of the relationship, but I don't judge people based on what other say, and I gave her the benefit of the doubt on all accounts. Do I regret it? No, but i think next time I will heed warnings more than I did this time. And would I take her back? Yes, but there would have to be a good case made as to why I should, and she would also have to show me she is willing to work towards a relationship, rather than do what she pleases.

Some people said once a cheater, always a cheater. While this is true a lot of the time, i still believe people can change. The people who don't are the people who can't look past their own desires and wants and consider things in terms of the relationship. They are people who still have an "I" complex and need things to be their way. I think once a person is able to look past their own desires, have the will power and show maturity and take others into consideration, then that is when people will change. i think allison is still too young to see this, and hasn't made the choice to get over the "I" complex. I think mine and her relationship was probably too soon, and that we would have worked well if she was a little older, a little more mature, and a little more compromising. That day may still come, but I am not holding my breath. I gave a lot for that girl, and would have given everything if she had let me.

The last thing that bothers me is that she still says she loves me and that I will always have her heart. This is not true. None of her actions have shown it, and she has told more than one person she is following her heart to Ohio. Loving a person requires the showing of feelings, compassion, and respect. Even while discussing the breakup, she still took phone calls and made plans for after during. This is not showing caring. This is showing that the social life is more important than the situation at hand. This came up in the relationship, and was dealt with a couple times, but it always bothered me.

I can honestly say that I still love the girl, and she'll be a hard one to get over, even with all things considered. I hope that everytime she sees a Bonneville she thinks about how much I love her, and everytime she sees a White SSEi, she things of my heart and how she broke it. Just another victim of the White Curse.

And lastly, allison, if you read this, this is my family. I shared more with them than I did anyone else. I never posted our business on other forums, that was everyone else who did. And this forum is not open to the public, just members. You know i love you, and when you are ready to say it back and mean it, i will listen to you say it. Until then, enjoy yourself in Ohio and Good Luck. Just don't think I'll be here waiting for you when you come back.

If anyone wants to make comments to me about this, PM or email me.
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