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jwakamud is on a distinguished road

if i hear another word about how "good" Matt Ryan did against Virginia Tech, Im going to puke. im tired of hearing about his "Heisman drives" -- last time i checked, the Heisman Trophy winner is, ideally, consistently a good performer. Ignore for a second the fact that Boston College won. That win will put the team above Ohio State this week, unless Ohio State'* win is suitably impressive.

Boston College / Matt Ryan were shut out for 57 MINUTES! Even with the last two drives by BC, Ryan went 25/52, with as many INTS as TDs. He looked good in the last two drives, but why did he wait until BC was down by 10 points with 2 minutes left in the fourth quarter to show what hes made of?

im not impressed. and i wish people would stop painting him as a god because he got two touchdown passes.

if our standards for HT are less than a 50% completion rate and as many ints as tds -- yes, lets crown him now. this was not a heisman performance, but how he rebounds will determine if hes truly as good as everyone seems to paint him.
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Lowrider0308 is on a distinguished road

yeah....i completely agree with you there. I only got to see the last 10 minutes, but how can they say he did such a great job when really it came down to a touchdown play that was just a scramble until VT forgot about someone in the endzone. Watch the replay of that last td pass, i think that there was holding anyway.
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jwakamud is on a distinguished road

as of now:

1. Oregon
(Oregon just beat Arizona State, a previously unbeaten team who was ranked 6 in the BCS -- and it was never even close. That'* a lot more impressive than anything Ohio State has pulled off.)
2. Ohio State
(OSU is still unbeaten and I don't see that changing anytime soon. But seriously, who have they beaten? 348-97, but against unranked Wisconsin it was tied going into the fourth quarter.)
3. Oklahoma
(They looked convincing in their schooling of unranked Texas A&M, but how will their defense do against Texas Tech and Oklahoma State? Shore up the secondary a bit, enjoy your "bye" week against Baylor, and keep your offense productive . . .. But don't forget, OU beat both Texas and Missouri -- two top 10 teams according to Stewart Mandel.)
4. LSU
(Continuing their trend in mediocre wins and lucky gambles . . . if they keep this up they won't beat Arkansas.)
5. Missouri
(I'm eagerly awaiting the promising showdown between Missouri and Kansas. Remember, Missouri'* only loss is to Oklahoma and they held the vaunted Texas Tech offense to 10 points. Missouri has something to prove.)
6. Kansas
7. Arizona State
8. West Virginia
9. Virginia Tech
10. Texas

thankfully, Matt Ryan'* name has been dropped from the list of Heisman contenders. at least, dropped down from the top 3. i wont begrudge him a top 5 place -- but wheres Sam Bradford? He'* right behind Tebow in , who is on most Heisman lists. 69% completion and 25 tds to 5 ints, for a freshman is amazing. but not even that; look at how calm he is in the pocket. granted, this year the voters would rather give the Heisman to a defensive player (not saying they dont deserve it, but it never happens) than to a freshman player from Oklahoma. Adrian Peterson didnt even win the Heisman his freshman year, Bradford doesnt stand a chance.

how many coaches are going to lose their jobs this year? criminey.
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