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Default Feeling "Helpful" Today

I was feeling kind of pissy today, and encountered this article on the interweb:

A swamp cooler is an air conditioning unit that uses electricity to cool water, then releases the cool, evaporated water into the immediate environment to create a pleasant indoor climate. Fiber pads filter debris from air and water before releasing the fine, cooled mist. Window units and central units are available. Swamp coolers are useful in hot, dry climates, such as the American Southwest region, as they work best where temperatures routinely exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is lower than 30 percent. Swamp coolers are much more cost efficient than traditional refrigerated air conditioners in such climates, but there are some things you can do to increase your unit'* efficiency even more.

Read more: How to Improve Swamp Cooler Efficiency | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_7641385_impr...#ixzz1CGkivj2R
The article goes on, and should be fully read to really enjoy the full comment I felt they needed to be "enlightened" with, which, unfortunately, was truncated.

Originally Posted by RJolly87
This article is great, general knowledge for all basis, with the exception of those that rely on the concept of the evaporative cooler. A few technicalities that were overlooked:

1. The typical Direct Evaporative Cooling system, as used in most homes, uses an electric pump to pump water into the top of said fiber pad. Gravity does the rest, and any water not evaporated drains back into the tray, to be recirculated again
2. The typical Direct Evaporative Cooling system draws air from the outside, and pumps it in to the house, and in the process, exhausts the hot air. For best results, it is recommended that multiple rooms have a means of exhausting this hot air, usually in the form of an open window. Far too often this is overlooked, and in their case, air leaks are a good thing.
3. Evaporitive cooling systems must be serviced, at minimum, annually. They benefit greatly from semi-annual pad replacement, and a means of dispersing of water impurities and dirt, whether it be a system that constantly drains a portion of pumped water, or systematically drains the water tray. Many have used the runoff from said systems to serve their various fauna hydrating needs.

One suggestion that is often overlooked, attic cooling. What many do to achieve this, is simply install some vents that will exhaust the hot air from the house, which is still substantially cooler than outside air, in to the attic. This is a two fold blessing, as it not only enables the attic to be cooled at no extra cost, it also eliminates the need for opening windows throughout the house.
Ain't I helpful?
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Hehehe. Nice amend RJ. We had one on our house in Denver. Hot and dry all summer and it really did the trick. The blower on it has large and powerful, but it didn't really do it'* job effectively till we cracked all the window a the bottom and give the air somewhere to go.
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