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jwakamud is on a distinguished road

wish i could help... need me to bust a cap? i agree completely. unacceptable. trust on this forum should be implicit...
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Well, yes, this is a sucky situation. But we all have to remember that anyone can join....anyone. Just because a person decides to join BC, doesn't make them Honarable Person of the Year. You can get to know people pretty well often they post, the quality of their posts, etc...I've made some very valuable friendships here on BC, and I fell into the same trap of thinking that Everyone here is on the "up and up". IS a public forum.

My RicerSon wanted to buy this very same car ...he was trying to convince me to put in on a credit card because DitchBoy made out so well with the car we bought from Randman1. I told RicerSon, the difference is that I knew Randy from meeting him at NEBF...and I am friends with him and many other members who knew the DitchHopper ('93 SSEi).

I agree that if I didn't feel my car was worthy to sell here, I'd curb it instead. Most folks here would do the same. Then too, most people feel their cars are worth more than those who are buying it. And yes, we should be able to have a sense of security in dealing with other members, but this virtual community is no different from your hometowns. You never really know who your neighbors are until you share a beer and a steak on the grill with them. Then you can better decide upon their character and integrity.

That being said....that'* all the more reason for everyone to get together for that beer and BBQ at the next meet near you! Seriously though, I sincerely hope the parts sell for you, VigCS, for you to get your $$ back. I'll check with DitchBoy to see if there'* anything he can use from it.
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<--- Mods are watching this thread VERY closely...
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**I did not start this thread**
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consider me gullible. uintil im given a good reason, i trust you all. like was said, if i didnt feel like my car was a good buy,l i wouldnt sell it to any of you. or any other part or item. id pass it off on some unsuspecting ricer-moron. a riceron.
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Hey dude, im really sorry this all happened to you... i've been ripped off on these forums, but not for this amount of money. justfrom buying things and never getting them. i'll prolly need some parts, so i'll try to get ya some money back
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What is done is done. But may i suggest something. i also belong to a golf forum. We buy and sell clubs and club sets among ourselves (thousands of members). It may not seem the same but it is not uncommon for members to buy and sell 3 or 4 drivers and a couple of iron sets in one season, easily $3000 of goods.

Condition is EXTREMELY important. We're talking one mark can make a club $200 that normally sells for $400.

To partially steward these transactions, we keep one area that is references for members and their transactions. It also can include "vouch for'. The whole reason for it is to not exclude new people from their first or two purchases. It also becomes an area to check "Does anybody really know this guy?".

I know cars are more of a one and done situation and everybody is responsible for their own side. But it helps grow the trading community tremendously.

And can sometime help avoid something that none of us want to see take place. That does dishonor to an distinctively honorable forum.

The benefactor of the site and admins retain their distance from all transactions with a simple disclaimer.


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I like to pose a suggestion, have a comments/ratings system set up similar to EBAY for transactions. There is actually a free one used by many forums for their transactions, ill try to pull up a link. No this is not a mod for the forums, its an independant site. We could give users the options to sign up for it and use it when they make these transactions. Mayby people will think twice before posting something that isnt true.

HOPEFULLY I can find it...
[edit]FOUND IT!

I used it once, but here is an example of what your profile would look like after one transaction, you can also browse other peoples profiles:[0]=205212

Right now if we use it, it will be under "Forum: Other" but im sure they can add us in as well.

This system wont prevent this kind of thing, but at least it will help deter it.
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I've been members of other forums that have user ratings too. Some allow you to rate the person in their profile and the rating goes under their name. And in others we had a seperate forum, and the posts were simply the person'* name (so it was easily searchable and linkable when posting stuff fs)) and people just updated the post with info if there was a good trade, bad trade, "good trade, but..." etc....
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Vig, I'd like to point out a thing or two here.

DJ advertised the car per his description. You saw the car when you went to pay him and take posession. Didn't you inspect the condition of the car first?

Did you take it for a test-drive to see if the brakes worked and the OD locked up? You did have the option of backing out of the deal after a lookover and test drive.

A quick look at the car would have revealed the rust.
Testing the Stereo would have revealed it'* condition.
Driving would have shown the TC lockup issue.
Inspecting all the fluids before buying would have shown the brake problem.

It'* your responsibility as the buyer to insure you're getting what was advertised. I'm not being mean, and I feel for you being in your current situation, but unless I'm wrong about something, you had ample opportunity to see that your money was well-spent.
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