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Default another, yes another bonneville crash

repost from another message board i post at (it'* my message):


tonight i was involved in minor car accident.

i was driving on lundy'* lane towards welland,

Click the image to open in full size.

which on this map would be me driving westbound between kalar rd. and gamer rd., just before the bend. i was driving with a friend behind two new york plated cars at about 50-60 km/h. at that bend there are 2 strip clubs (it'* the only way to get the americans to spend money here :P), one of which they were headed towards. the first car then proceeded to slam on the brakes as to not miss the parking lot, and the car behind him did the exact same. so that'* when i slammed into that guy.

the airbag didn't go off and there was a very sudden jolt. i put the car in park and walked around to see what was up. the headlights were smashed and the front fascia was smacked up a bit. we pulled into the parking lot of one of the strip clubs.

the two parties (8-10 people) got out of the cars and i have to say i had never expected them to be 1/80th as cool as they were. i called the cops from my cell phone and i assessed the damage on his car. let'* just say you need a magnifying glass to see the 4 scratches on his rear bumper.

we stood around for about a minute before one of the bouncers from the club came out and proceeded to be the biggest dick i had ever ******* seen. he said that if we weren't going to come in that we should move our business elsewhere. we weren't even blocking the driveway; other people could still get in and out. some of the american guys and girls (a couple had a few in them) served him a nice warm cup of shut the **** up. what the hell did he want us to do, move the cars back out onto the highway? ok buddy.

so anyway the cops show up, one goes to me and one goes to the other guy driving the car. i give him my vitals, insurance and all that. they go back into the car for about 15 minutes. a car marked 'supervisor' pulls in and they chat for 5 minutes before he leaves. the officer that was talking to the other guy gave him his stuff back and let him go.

10 minutes later the other officer comes up to me and explains that i have to be charged with careless driving. he says it has to be that way if i was following too closely and caused a collision. so if i plead guilty to that i get 6 demerit points and a $325 fine and an 8000000000000000000000000% rise in insurance. but he said that if i take him to court he'll take it down to following too closely which is 4 points and a $20-$100 fee and not as much insurance. so that'* the route we're taking.

i managed to drive the car all the way back, not taking the highways, seeing with only one headlight and foglights. i dropped my friend off and went back home. my mom'* still freaking out that i got into an accident, but not in the mad sort of way.

so, anyway, that'* my story for tonight. have a great day and drive safely.


today i assessed the damage to the car. it took about 30 minutes to get the hood open (good thing GM wasn't retarded when they designed the hood latch mechanism, i could easily reach in and take it off with a 10 mm socket and some time)... nothing structurally looks damaged. i mean everything looks all intact so that'* good. the right side headlight assembly is toast, and the left one is still there but it'* pushed all the way in. the hood is slightly buckled and the front plastic piece is cracked to hell. the bumper is sagging and is scuffed (it needs to be replaced anyway, it'* all cracked down by the foglights).. as i stated above, the airbag did not go off but the sensor was kicked in a little bit so i'll have to realign that. i'll need a new latch mechanism, but it'* only held on by a few bolts.

methinks i got lucky there, but the stupid cop...
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Chalk that one up to experience.....and be glad the airbags didn't deploy. I hate to see one of these cars even get a scratch, and I'm glad it turned out as well as it did.

You ARE lucky.
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got an estimate today, C$3300. since i don't think we want to claim insurance i might just have to say forget it. the car'* worth like half that with the mileage and rust on it.
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