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Default 94 LeSabre Stalling/Misfiring

After driving for approximately half an hour today in 90 degree weather, sitting with the AC on and idling in a parking lot for approx. 5 minutes car began to act up again. I had the code reader attached getting real time data. Car is OBD-II (3.8 liter engine went OBD-II in 94).

Vehicle Speed: Was changing even though I was sitting still.

Spark Advance: Rapidly changing, going negative numerous times.

O2S: Keeps dropping to zero, changing slowly.

Injectors: Rapidly changing.

O2S: Going from lean to rich, slowly, staying on lean for a while, then staying on rich a while.

KS Counter: Approximately 131 and staying steady.

LT Fuel Trim: 159 to 181 or so (Normally around 128 or so).

EGR Valve: Seems to be working correctly.

MAF: 8

Spark Advance: Around 27 and rapidly changing (Normally around 13 or so).

TCC Slip RPM: Kept going into negative numbers.

TPS: Seems to be OK.

Cylinder(*) 1-6: Cylinder misfire for each one. 1,3,5, mostly but the others began to misfire as well.

Turbine RPM: 600-700.

Codes Present: Misfire Signal; Misfire Detected.

IAC Position: Fluctuating.

After restart car ran rich, and 1-6 still misfiring, car kept stalling, one it restarted, it ran fine all the way home. Idle was really rough when I started the car the first time today and didn't feel like it had much power but it didn't stall. After idling in a parking lot for a few minutes it began to jerk and the idle kept changing rapidly.

Any ideas? This has been going on for years and has had so many new parts installed. I appreciate all the responses.

Thank you!
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2 things I would check

condition of the battery, and the terminals. All the ground and power wires.
Also, the connection going into the ECM. Some of those readings make sense, but others shouldn't (like it reading forward movement..)
You may want to have the ECM reflashed with a good BIN file. Better yet, get a known good ECM and have your BIN flashed to it.
I've seen some really strange stuff going on in some Chryslers that would disappear with a reflash of the ECM.
I'd find a shop that you trust that has a Tech2 scanner, and let them do a diagnostic. The Tech2 can do things that us DIYers just can't, since it can communicate bi-directional.

Not to mention, pull and read the plugs. Being able to read plugs is a lost art, but it can really tell you what is going on, sometimes better than any computerized gadgets can.
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