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Boy you hit the nail on the head with the swearing. This little mundane task was the hardest thing i ever attempted. Had to do this while it was 95 degrees out. I did this last summer because I have an infant to keep cool. I came out great its the getting back in thats the worst. You have to get over the fear of breaking it!

Thats not the worst part though, i have to do it again! When i took it out the first time i wacked it a couple times, plugged it back in and it worked, so reinstalled. Well it finally went and i have to do this again, thankfully its in the 60'* now. Will definitely pull the carpet further down and take a good tranqulizer before i put it in this time.
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OK just completed new install. Took more time to remove the old one than to install due to those pesky screws you cant reach. Got my blower and housing at amazon. Its a two piece install. First you install the housing which is bigger than the old one. Do not be afraid to use a screwdriver or wonderbar to pry it in with some leverage. It will not go in easy without it. What great about the new 2 piece is you do not need to bother with those back screws! Overall in the pain in the *** scale it was a 5 out of 10.

You can get the blower kit at amazon for $61 part number 75749
Amazon Amazon
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There is no way that I would have ever accomplished this endeavor if it were not for the detailed instructions given by one user. It was one of the easiest repairs that I have ever completed; no joke. When I removed the old motor, it popped right out; the new one was a little tricky to get in, but not too hard. This might have been because of the prior warning to search for inner peace! Prayer was the key.
It did take a long time, though. Pretty cheap, as well; I got an aftermarket used part for $40. That sixth screw up in the corner was not a problem; that part of the mount was "cut" out on the replacement part, so I just cut the corner on the bad part as I was taking it out.

Now if I can only solve the leak problem; I think I saw a prior thread regarding this?
BTW, did anyone else have a very easy time with the replacement of the blower motor?
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Default Leak?

therevend - What type of leak do you have. Did i miss the previous post about this?
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Default Blower Motor Fan is a 4 letter word

Originally Posted by 2kg4u View Post
Has anyone changed an HVAC blower assembly on a 2001 Bonneville? I managed to get all the mounting screws loose, and got it to drop an inch or so, but can't get it to drop far enough to clear the fan from the housing, and can't rotate it to a position where it will drop. The FSM says you should be able to pull it without removing any other duct work, but I couldn't get it out.

My next step will be pull the front seats, pull the console, and start dropping duct work until I can get the blower assembly clear, but if someone else has pulled it without removing ducts I would appreciate a little advice.
Success. This is day 2. REM had a song, Losing my Religion. This is without a doubt one of the most nasty repairs I have ever done. Don't do this with small children present. Don't do this with your wife present. Don't do this if you can't stand being upside down for long periods of time. Don't do this if you have to be somewhere soon and its your only ride. Try to plan for a bright sunny day that is nice and warm. Its the middle of winter here. Couple items: 1. use extreme force removing the part, it doesn't matter if you break it. 2. buy a two piece AC Delco or other OEM part - not the original design. 3. Prepare to use extreme force putting it back in - knowing it may crack, but that'* ok, vents leak all over the place anyway. Removal - the screws - 3 easy, 1 moderate, two nasty. I read the whole post - good suggestions - what worked really well for me was the box end 7/32 ignition wrench. It took some time, but they came out without too much struggle. Then it got harder. Much harder. Dropping the fan and rotating - I never did get what the manual meant by rotating - you can rotate horizontally or vertically. I forced it vertically. Installation (oh, and I never removed the carpet, thought about removing the seat - that might have made it easier, removing the whole dash probably would have been easier than force fitting the new part back in the hole. As I stated, using extreme force, I cracked the new housing, but it still works fine, and once that is in, no matter how many times the fan breaks its easy to fix. So my Bonneville has 180000 miles (turned this weekend), and is now my daughters daily drive. I have replaced to the topside gaskets and cleaned out the major crap the dealer put in with silver seal. I've replaced the L-connectors/heater hose parts several times - another catastrophically bad design, but other than that and noisy power steering, the car has been great (oh, and the 73 mph shake which can be made small but not gone). All in all a very dependable car. I have 3 cars with 175K plus miles, so I keep busy - this is the easiest to fix and the topside engine job was SO MUCH EASIER than the blower motor. But it is done.
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